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Welcome to Washington DC Transcription,
A Company with a global reach that specializes in solutions for individuals and businesses.

Individuals, law companies, medical practices, businesses, and governments rely on us for transcription services.
We can handle anything, whether it’s a one-time project or a long-term cooperation.

For any project or partnership we specialize in, Washington DC Transcription has the best team available — our transcribers have an average of 17 years of experience!

With excellent quality assurance as well as 24/7 client support, it’s impossible not to love working with us.

Why Us?

100% US Based Transcriptionists

We don’t outsource transcription work to other countries because we believe that our clients deserve a more seamless experience.

24/7 Customer Service

We do it all. We have a staff of professionals ready to take on any challenges you throw their way 24/7!

Customized Solutions

We can scale to meet your needs, providing you with a tailored service that is perfect for any size business or industry.

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The options are unlimited,
When you work with us…



A to Z, we do it all…

With our quick turnaround and excellent customer service, you can rest assured that your transcription needs will be handled carefully. Our team of professionals transcribes anything from podcasts to church sermons!

Click here for industries that we support.

Zero overseas outsourcing.

We keep our transcription local with 100% domestic transcriptionists, who have an average of 17 years of experience across all specialties.

Guaranteed Top Quality

The triple-pass inspection includes a review of every document, ensuring that errors are eliminated and the work is complete.

Speedy Delivery

Documents are turned around as quickly as possible, typically within 24-48 hours. But in even more urgent cases, they can be processed and delivered right away!

Competitive, Upfront Pricing

We are upfront with our customers, which is why we offer transparent pricing, so you know the cost before purchasing.

Industry Leading Customer Service

We provide a US-based service team available 24/7! 

Our number one priority is making customers happy by delivering excellent services every time.



Take the Doc out of Documentation

The Remote Scribe revolutionizes your practice by freeing you from documentation. Now, spend more time performing medical care and less time struggling with data entry after-hours or on weekends – because when you’re out of the office, we can transcribe for you!


EHR Compatible

We seamlessly connect to your EHR with our proprietary integration techniques, so notes are mapped directly into your EHR’s discrete fields. As a result, you will never forget a detail again!

Mapping notes and information onto an electronic health record is one of the most critical parts of using it as part of daily work in healthcare.

Our team has perfected this process by making sure all data entered from physicians’ charts or memos added during patient visits automatically maps over without any errors whatsoever for high accuracy documentation.


100% Customizable

We understand that no two medical practices are the same. From telemedicine to house calls, we tailor our solutions to support your unique needs and workflow – because when you take care of patients, we’ll take care of the rest.


Enterprise-Grade Security

Data security is the foundation of all we do. Our technology provides enterprise-grade protection, including end-to-end encryption (using AES-256), multi-factor authentication and deidentified patient data.


Risk-Free Trial

We offer 100% accuracy and confidentiality. Try us free for 30 days!

Transcribing in Washington DC


Happy clients.

“The turnaround time is phenomenal. The staff are friendly, courteous, and are quick to respond to any issues you may have. I highly, highly recommend this company for any of your transcription needs.”

Cindy W.
Medical Secretary
Berkshire Orthopedic Associates


“They have excellent customer service! I highly recommend them! We have been using their service since 2005!! I would give them a five star review for impeccable service.”

Suzanne B.
Office Manager
Physicians Medical Rehabilitation Associates


“We have been working with Princeton Transcription* for a few years. Princeton is our first choice for all of our transcription needs. Their quality of work and quick turnaround time is perfect for our needs. We are very happy working with Princeton!”

Marisa K.
Project Logistics Manager
Human Factors MD
*Princeton Transcription (PTI) is our parent company.


“Coordinated Medical Network has been doing business with PTI* for 15 years. We have always been very pleased with their services. They always go the extra mile for us and are very pleasant to work with.”

Coordinated Medical Network
*Princeton Transcription (PTI) is our parent company.


“Princeton Transcription, Inc.* is a solid transcription service that delivers accurate results with an excellent price. Turnaround times are superfast and the account managers are incredibly professional. Highly recommended!”

Heather H.
Office Manager
Donald R. Counts, M.D.
*Princeton Transcription (PTI) is our parent company.


“As a customer of Princeton* well over 12 years I can tell you for sure there isn’t anyone out there better. I have been in the medical field for 35 years and have utilized many companies, this one is top notch. You can’t go wrong with this company. I have nothing but respect for the way they run their business.”

Kim S.
Office Manager
Stuart J. Gordon, M.D.
*Princeton Transcription (PTI) is our parent company.


“We have used Princeton Transcription for many years. They have spoiled us for any other service. They provide timely turn-around; are competent and efficient- always willing to work with us to make sure we have what we need, when we need it. I highly recommend their services.”

Terry Murillo
Practice Coordinator
North Atlanta Pulmonary & Sleep Specialists
*Princeton Transcription (PTI) is our parent company.


“We have been using Princeton for a few years now. They are reliable, their transcription is accurate, and their turnaround time is excellent. If there’s an issue, they are always willing to resolve it, or help with it, depending on the situation. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a reputable, dependable transcription service.”

Melanie Cellini
Dr. Jeffrey D. Gaber & Associates, PA
*Princeton Transcription (PTI) is our parent company.




I'm all set. What's the way to start?

We can typically provide an estimate within one business day if you need a straightforward project.

But for larger projects and accounts, it’s best to start with a discovery call followed by an exploration phase where the team will work with you on defining your needs in detail.

From there, they’ll share their cost estimates before going through paperwork such as contracts & schedule kickoff calls once everything is complete!

What are the cost of services?

Our pricing structures are designed to be industry-competitive, transparent, and fair. 

For projects or one-time transcription, rates range from $2.49 to 3.49 per minute, depending on the number of speakers and level of quality assurance requested. Volume discounts may also apply! 

For certified legal transcription, rates begin at $30 per person-hour and $300-$350 per audio hour.

Whether you’re looking for certified legal transcripts at a fixed rate with monthly billing options available as well; ongoing/medical accounts that offer clients dynamic payment plans such as hourly rates plus optional retainer fees: we’ve got your needs covered here!

Please contact us for a quote. 

What sectors do you specialize in?

Washington DC Transcription specializes in Medical and Legal accounts, but they work with all industries. We are an excellent option for companies looking to optimize efficiency on their documentation needs.

Our most popular specialties are as follows:


Allergy / Immunology
Cardiovascular Surgery
Clinical Chemistry
Clinical Virology
Consult Notes
Emergency Medicine
ENT Neurology
Environmental Medicine
Family Medicine
Follow-Up Notes
Forensic Medicine
General Medicine
Hematology / Oncology
IME / Peer Reviews
Infectious Disease
Internal Medicine
Nuclear medicine
Occupational Medicine
Occupational Therapy
Pain Management
Preventative Medicine
Plastic Surgery
Radiation Oncology
Reproductive Medicine
SOAP Notes
Social Work
Speech Therapy
Sports Medicine
Surgical Oncology
Vascular Medicine


Administrative Hearings
Arbitration Hearings
Bodycam Footage
Court Hearings
Judicial Hearings
Meeting Minutes
Public Hearings


Board Meetings
Brainstorming Sessions
Conference Calls
Earnings Calls
Financial Analyses
Focus Groups
Market Research
Meeting Minutes
Press Releases
Telephone Calls
Training Sessions


Academic / Nonprofit
Course Descriptions
Focus Groups
Oral History


Coaching Sessions
Media Events
News Conferences
Radio Programs
Television Programs


What is the process for handling accounts?

After an initial needs assessment, accounts are staffed according to established capacity planning techniques.

While we typically source staff in-house, it is not uncommon to recruit additional top performers if necessary to achieve a particular composite skill set.

A typical client team will include 1-3 (or more) transcribers and a Quality Assurance Manager; additionally, the CSM’s duties can vary for a project depending on requirements such as transcription speed, accuracy rates and language skill set required.

Who is Washington DC Transcription?

We are a team of transcribers, account managers and project management experts always ready to take on the challenge. We strive for excellence in every aspect so that our clients can get accurate transcripts with ease and convenience!

Washington DC Transcription is a local branch of Princeton Transcription, Inc.

Transcription Basics

How long will it take?

Your file will be processed within 24 hours or less. We guarantee to meet your needs with our predetermined SLA.

What level of transcription can I expect from you?

Washington DC Transcription has a 99.7% accuracy rate and uses experienced transcribers in the United States to complete documents with advanced quality assurance measures such as grammar, spell checking, and more!

Do you need transcripts for your next legal case? We can help!

We support a large number of legal clients and are well versed in appropriate protocols.

Transcripts of these items typically include certification statements and an additional layer to ensure full document quality assurance in the event they need to be used for trial or other proceedings.

Is it possible to get the time-stamping?

Yes, we offer timestamps. For a low price of $0.20 per audio minute, you can purchase exact time stamps for your audio files in just seconds!

Do you offer services in a different language?

Yes, we can currently accommodate requests for Spanish audio/video transcription or translation services.

Contact us to learn more about our variety of language abilities and rates!

Data Security

What methods do you use to keep data secure?

Washington DC Transcription has a robust information security program comprised of policies, procedures, and technology. 

Our staff works through secure VPNs with end-to-end encryption (utilizing AES 256) by 100% US-based transcriptionists. Data is not sent overseas, unlike many competitors.

All staff goes through extensive confidentiality training, pre-hire background checks and NDAs on file! Lastly, we rigorously test our protocols via internal checks and annual external 3rd party audits.

For more information about our security protocols and privacy policies, please contact us.

Is it possible for you to sign a non-disclosure agreement?

Washington DC transcription has strict policies for customer confidentiality. However, some customers require additional documentation to be signed via an NDA (non-disclosure agreement).

We are happy to sign your NDA or can supply one ourselves!

What security measures do you take to safeguard my documents?

We make sure all your files are encrypted while in transit and stored on our protected servers. We use TLS 1.2 encryption for bank-level security so you can feel safe storing your data with us!

Where can I learn more about Washington DC Transcription’s security and privacy

Your privacy is our top priority. To learn more about how we keep your data safe and private, please check out our Privacy Policy or you can Contact Us!


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Do you require a transcribing service to help your business?
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